The simple electronic wind instrument that unleashes your inner virtuoso

Zoot™ is an easy-to-play yet highly expressive electronic wind instrument. Breathe life into your music with high-quality virtual instruments like clarinet, saxophone, and trumpet. Zoot responds to the subtleties of breath and articulation, while adding the option of motion gestures to control pitch vibrato and other effects.

Zoot uses the tablet, smartphone, or laptop you already own for sound production and to provide custom features and controls. This keeps the cost of the hardware low, while providing powerful capabilities and flexible controls.

With standard recorder fingering by default, recorder players can simply pick up Zoot and play. If you’re new to wind instruments, try Zoot’s easy-to-learn simplified fingering system. Or choose whatever fingering system you’re already familiar with — you can even invent your own. Zoot is for everyone who wants to have fun expressing themselves musically!

[Introductory video coming soon... In the meantime, check out the video demos and this practice intro.]

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