iOS App

For the Zoot companion app that runs on iPhones and iPads, Zoot Link, please go to the App Store. Zoot Link requires iOS / iPadOS 14.0 or later.

macOS App

To get the Zoot companion app for macOS, please download the version for your architecture:

Simply open the disk image, and drag the app to your Applications folder as shown. Zoot Link requires macOS 12.3 (Monterey) or later.

Starting with Zoot Link Version 1.2.1, you can allow the macOS app to check for updates automatically at startup. To check for updates manually, use the Check for Updates button on the About screen (via the bars menu).

Download and install the update for your architecture as described above. After you install a new version, the app will show “Release Notes” briefly describing the changes at startup. Uncheck the Show at Startup box if you don’t want to see these notes again.

App Version History shows the release notes for every version of the app.